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Patent Office
ASTS Patent & Law is:

Comprehensive, individually profiled services for the registration, protection and enforcement of industrial property rights, in the field of:



  • TRADEMARKS, including:



  • LITIGATION, including


    Support and consulting in:

    • creation of legal structures for providing on-line services (including preparation of regulations, privacy policy, contracts with subcontractors)
    • legal aspects of on-line marketing, including targeted marketing;
    • loyalty programs in e-commerce;
    • cookies policies;
    • regulatory requirements for presentation of goods and services;
    • internet content (copyright protection, liability of the electronic service provider),
    • preparing drafts and negotiating contracts related to software, transfer of technologies, know-how, R&D contracts and/or investments,
    • preparing legal structures for IT outsourcing for financial institutions
    • data collection and processing services in information systems (Big Data, cloud computing),
    • implementation of legal requirements for cyber security, protection of infrastructure, disclosure obligations on cyber security incidents


    Legal assistance in matters concerning the obtaining and maintenance of protection rights for trademarks and utility models, patents as well as rights resulting from the registration of industrial designs and geographical indications.

    • examining the registration capacity of trademarks, utility models and industrial designs through search in national and international databases as well as the preparing of an opinion thereon,
    • applications for trademark registration in the following modes:
      • national (Polish Patent Office),
      • community (European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO,
      • international within the framework of the Madrid Agreement (International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO in Geneva)
    • and supervising the registration procedure
    • application of utility models, industrial designs and geographical indications for registration and supervision of the course of the registration procedure,
    • representing Clients in litigation proceedings concerning the invalidity or revocation of exclusive rights before the Patent Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante and the administrative courts.
    • legal assistance in cases of infringement of exclusive industrial property rights, including customs procedures.


    legal assistance in the area of copyright and related rights for entities operating in the following industries:
    • media
    • advertising and marketing
    • science and innovation
    • the Internet
    • creation and production of computer games
    • creation and implementation of IT solutions
    • culture, art and entertainment
    • Production of audio-visual works
    • industrial design
    • architecture and construction
    • protection of persons and property
    • detective services,
    • special rotation (production and trade in explosives, ammunition weapons and products and technology for military or police purposes).

    representation in proceedings in matters of unfair competition, as well as anti-trust, with particular emphasis on violations of intellectual/industrial property rights, covering:
    • use of trademarks confusingly similar to the registered trademarks,
    • illegal use of patents, industrial designs and geographical indications,
    • infringements of colours, 3D objects and advertising slogans registered as trademarks,
    • illegal use of trademarks on counterfeit products,
    • violations of rights to reputable marks,
    • product imitations
    • violations of trademarks used in domains,
    • unfair advertising,
    • protection of product designations, packaging and products external forms,
    • protection of business secrets and know-how.